Standing alone in the Atlantic, 508 miles east of Cape Hatteras, North Carolina, Bermuda remains one of the most tranquil countries in the world with a beauty and charm second to none. Although Bermuda is a major player on the global stage of international business, it still manages to uphold the quaintness and friendly atmosphere of a small island paradise.

Bermuda is only a 2 hour flight from New York, and major airlines service the island on a daily basis. Airfare to Bermuda is generally less expensive during the “off season” which is November through March where the weather is at it’s coolest & wettest. Between May and mid-October, the temperatures range from 75°F to 90°F with a high humidity.

Bermuda offers some of the best site-seeing in the world. With it’s gorgeous crystal blue water, and cool pink sand, some of the beaches are ranked the most beautiful in the world. There is lots to do and see on the Island, so you need to plan your days out carefully to make sure you experience as much as you can. Anything from water sports, golfing, hiking, or even sunbathing – you will be sure to find some activity to keep you busy during your stay.

Getting around in Bermuda is fairly. Taxis are plentiful throughout the Island with friendly and helpful drivers that possess an encyclopedic knowledge of the island. You could always get adventurous and rent a moped or scooter, use the public bus system, and ferry boats that will take you from one end of the Island to the other for a small fee.
Dining is always a treat in Bermuda as there is a diversified selection of international cuisine to choose from. Be sure to make reservations and check the dress code at some of the finer restaurants. It is a general practice of most restaurants to add the tip to the bill automatically.

Locals are well known to be friendly and helpful, so enjoy the sites and be careful on the roads… we drive on the left!