A Proud Heritage

The long and complex history of Bermuda is forever entwined with the ocean that surrounds us. Since Bermuda was first inhabited, we depended on the bounty of the sea for survival, and throughout our history, Bermudians have built and operated boats that have traversed the planet.

Nigel Prescott, owner/operator of Tam-Marina, is one of those Bermudians that lives and breathes every aspect of all things marine. He and his family have bought, sold, built and operated ships of all shapes and sizes for a half a century, and his son Johnathan carries on the family tradition as Tam-Marinas newest captain.

In 1969 Nigel started out by building The Gay Venture, Bermuda’s first floating restaurant. As a licensed pilot, engineer, and an integral part of the hotel business for many years, he and his wife Gloria built an enviable reputation and the most impressive Charter Fleet in Bermuda. Since then, he has come under ownership of the Bermuda Fleet, consisting of Lady Tamara, Lady Erica, and his newest addition, Lady Charlotte. Below are links to historic articles that document the early years of Tam-Marina and the construction of the Gay Venture.

Notable Guests That Have Cruised With Us

Princess Anne
The Chairman of Toyota
Rupert Murdock
Ross Perot
Jamie & Louse Redknapp Wedding
American Consulate
Luther Vandross
Saudi Royal Family
49ers Owners
Cilla Black filmed part of Blind Date on board
Bacardi International
Alfa Romeo
New York State Bar