The big, big boat runs into delays

Bermuda’s only “floating restaurant” begins to take shape.  The 80 foot long vessel should be in action this summer, taking tourists on sightseeing cruises. 

Bad weather has hampered the building of Bermuda’s first “floating restaurant.” The 80 foot vessel – under construction at Mills Creek – should have been in the water by now.  But yesterday the man behind the scheme Mr. Nigel Prescott said; “We have lost quite a few days through poor weather.  Now things are improving.  We could have her in the water in another few weeks.”  Helping Mr. Prescott are local shipwright Mr. Tony Soares and two other men who have been brought in to speed up the work.  Yesterday they were busy adding the second layer of fir plywood to the huge frame work.  The next stage will be to cover the hull completely with fibreglass.  They are also awaiting a shipment of struts and propeller shafts from England, which must be installed before the boat hits the water.  A ramp will be built so that the vessel can be eased into the water still upside down.  “She will be half submerged so we shall use two or three powerful motor boats to pull her over,” explained Mr. Soares.  “Then it will simply be a case of pumping her out before we start work on the interior.”  The boat with its 23 foot beam is thought to be the biggest built in the Colony since the turn of the century.  When completed she will be used to carry visitors on sightseeing trips.  It is hoped to have her in action this summer.

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