Up.. Up.. Up.. and Over She Goes
80 foot boat launched successfully

“That’s something of a relief,” said Mr. Nigel Prescott, owner and builder of the boat he hopes to use as a floating restaurant, as the 80-foot vessel was successfully launched with an unusual “roll ‘em over” technique yesterday.

Two large boats, a giant crane and a gang of sweating men launched Bermuda’s first “floating restaurant” yesterday afternoon.  It was shortly before five when the 35 ton hull smashed into the water, amidst cheers from the patient spectators.  The action took place at mills Creek where 26-year-old Nigel Prescott has been busy since January building the 80 foot structure.  At the start of the week Nigel and his helpers began inching the upended hull towards the water’s edge.  Then yesterday the crane wound its way down from St. Georges and two powerful boats pulled into the creek.  Thick nylon ropes were wrapped over the white hull and secured to the boats, which began pulling slowly away from the shore line.  At the same time the crane began winching up steel lines running underneath the boat.  Between them the boats and crane managed to roll the hull over into the water.  As the boat settled in the water a grinning Mr. Prescott commented: that’s something of a relief.  “Now all we have to do is pump the water out of her and we can begin work on the floorboards and deck.”  There were a few tense minutes shortly before the crane arrived when the ground under the ramps gave way.  Fortunately nothing was damaged except a few chunks of timber placed under the hull for just such an emergency.

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